Animals have long been shown to have a therapeutic effect on people, particularly children. The opportunity to watch and interact with animals can have a comforting and calming effect, resulting in reduced anxiety, increased mood, happiness, solace, joy and confidence. 

HART Farm in Littondale in the Yorkshire Dales is a not-for-profit organisation. It was set up in 2011 to help children cope with difficult situations such as illness, disabilities and bereavement. Here, children can stroke, hold, groom, feed and even walk the animals.

The mini donkeys, are central to our work due to their docile nature and their love of being handled, groomed and cuddled, the alpacas because of their inquisitive nature and so willingness to go into any building (hospice, church, classroom, library) and pygmy goats who have such charming characters that they are immediately appealing to young and old


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